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Its not all about your swing speed!!

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

When it comes to hitting your driver farther, the three big factors to consider are:

1. How centered do you hit the ball on the face?

2. How well you control the angle that the club is coming into the ball (AOA)

**If you don't hit the ball near the center of the face most of the time, your are actually loosing ball

speed, which equates to lost distance. Hitting it low on the heel or toe will rob you of around 8 mph ball speed (approx 20 yds) and toe or heel shots can also cause unwanted curvature in the ball.

**Changing your attack angle with a driver can make a big difference in your total distance too.

For example: Same club head speed with 3 different distances

**Lastly, for every one mile and hour increase in club head speed, you will gain about 3 extra yards on a ball hit in the center of face.

So as you can see, a golfer swinging at the same speed can potentially add 25 yards to their drives by just increasing the AOA into the ball.

* Most players that slice the ball have negative AOA numbers and often hit the ball on the toe of the club. A perfect recipe for hitting it nowhere.

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