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Some commonly asked questions:

I'm a new golfer, where do I start?

Should I take private lesson?

How long will it take before I can play on the course?

Where do we meet for class?

When should I arrive?

Whats the rain policy? 

Is there a dress code?  

I don't have equipment.  

Where do I pay?

Cancellation Policy




I'm a new golfer, where do I start?

Sign up for a group clinic!  Small group instruction is usually best.  Choose a class that focuses on the fundamentals: a good grip, set-up, posture, alignment, the short game and the full swing. 

Should I take private lessons?

Group lessons are great if you are just starting to learn the game. 

Private lesson are recommend for those that want to speed up the learning process.  Private  lessons provide more one on one time than a group clinic setting.  

How long will it take before I can play on the course?

The answer to this depends on the individual. Everyone learns at different speeds. We recommend  between 5-10 hours of instruction including on-course instruction before you go play. If you are playing with someone who has experience, you could probably venture out to the course sooner. 


Where do we meet for class?     Country Club of Maryland - 1101 Stevenson Lane - Towson


When should I arrive?

Plan on arriving at least 10 minutes prior to your class/clinic or lesson.  If your class is going to be on-course, we recommend arriving earlier to allow for warmup. 


Is there a dress code?   Do I need golf shoes?  

We do have a dress code at  the  CC of MD click HERE .  Golf shoes are not mandatory, but do help with stability during your golf swing.  Playing is tennis shoes is fine, running shoes are not recommended. 

I don't have equipment.  We will lend you clubs for classes to help get you started.  

Where do I pay ?

Payments can be made in the pro-shop at the CC of Maryland with credit card. Cash and Check payments can be made at the completion of first clinic to Owen. 


Cancellation Policy

Classes - Make Up Classes are not Guaranteed. If we have room in a future clinic, you are welcome to attend.

Private Lessons - We require a 24 hour notice of cancellation for private lessons.   If we receive notice of cancellation less than 24 hours before your appointment, you will be responsible for payment for that lesson either as a loss of lesson from your series of lessons or as a separate charge.  If you must cancel, please contact Owen as soon as possible. 


Whats the rain policy?

In the event of inclement weather, scheduled instruction may need to be rescheduled.  If the weather looks threatening, we recommend you contact Owen Dawson to check for cancellations. In addition, we will attempt to contact you via text, email or phone in the event of weather cancellation. 


im a new golfer
should i take private lessons
how long will it take
where do we meet
when should i arrive
i dont have equipment
cancellation policy
is there a dress code?
its raining
where do i pay?
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