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How to stop slicing the ball

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

There are a million articles and videos on this topic, so this for sure is nothing original.

I will say that from my many years of teaching the golf swing, I've found that very few players have the ability to stop slicing the ball by just being told what to do. I believe many golfers who slice the ball know what they are doing, but don't know

how to fix it. The trick to making many swing changes is having some kind of reinforcement, so you know if you doing it correctly or not. Without it, you have no clue if you are making a solid change or not (unless you are using video).To the right is a photo

Swing Plane training aid for correcting slice in golf swing

of me and a simple pool noodle on an old shaft angled at about the same angle as the original shaft. I use this simple tool on a daily basis when I teach. Once a student understands how to properly pivot in the backswing and downswing and how they need to move there shoulders and hands, this obstacle then becomes the feedback needed to rewire there brain.

The challenge with this is that most driving ranges are not grass so sticking a noodle on a stick is not an option. There are alternatives to my suggestion. The best one in probably the "bender stick". Depending on how creative you are, you could probably come up with something similar that will help you on a concrete range. Stop waisting time at the range without having positive or negative feedback. Go to your local golf instructor who has a good reputation, find out what you need to work on and get busy working on it. Golf is hard, so

having the right kind of mindset and practice routine is super important if you plan on getting better.

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