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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Learning to play golf is a bit of a journey.

There are no shortcuts!

If you truly want to get better and are willing to put in the time, book your first lesson with me to get started.


Golf Training Aids

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Swingyde  $34.99

Orders will be auto discounted 10%

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Eyeline Putting Mirror $59.99

Orders will be auto discounted 10%

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Bee Line Putting $14.99

Orders will be auto discounted 10%


"This is the first golf season that I was committed to working on areas of my game that were holding me back from achieving some of my goals. I have been playing for 6 years with a high interest in the game of golf. I have achieved some local tours wins.......

Trent Geritz -2014 Junior Golfer - CCofMD

Men's Club Champion "CC of  MD"  2017,2019,2020

Participant 2018 US Junior Amateur Championship at Baltusrol NJ. 


“The hardest thing about fixing a golf swing is getting the mind to accept, and correct something that feels unnatural. Owen has a gift for getting the mind to overcome that natural resistance.“

Marshall Paul - CCofMD

"Owen combines a masterful knowledge of the golf swing with a unique ability to communicate key lesson points. Step by step, lesson by lesson, I have been delighted by a significantly improved swing, which enormously enhances my enjoyment of the game." 

Don Mering - CCofMD

"Owen’s use of video and his computer is a great compliment to his teaching style. He is always studying other great teachers to learn new techniques, all in an effort to help his students excel. He has a passion for teaching and it shows. Definitely one of the top teachers in the state of Maryland!"


Martin Gibbs - CCofMD

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