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"Owen is a great student of the game and the golf swing. He is passionate about instruction and takes the time to educate himself on modern swing techniques while seeking out the ideologies and thoughts of the game’s most renowned  swing instructors.  He proactively considers and adopts the latest teaching technologies allowing his students to clearly see the faults in their swing and work towards improvement.  During his downtime between scheduled lessons, he scans the practice range looking for his students that are practicing and will stop by unsolicited if he sees something in your swing that he does not like. This exemplifies the commitment that he has to his students and his sincere desire to help you play better and enjoy the game. As a competitive amateur golfer for the last 25 years, I have been fortunate to work with many of the game’s top instructors. I truly believe that Owen has made the most impact on my swing and my ability to play the game in recent years. I had been struggling with the game over the last few years and was ready to give it up. Owen put me back on track and with a little hard work and his tutelage, I am playing much better and enjoying the game again. I would highly recommend Owen to any golfer looking to improve their game and shoot lower scores; regardless of their current ability."

Tim Osgood CCofMd 2014


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Golf Clinics at the
Country Club of Maryland

The Country Club of Maryland offers Adult, Junior and "Ladies-Only" Clinics. Clinics are primarily structured around short game skill building. Students will learn techniques for putting, chipping, and pitching. *Customized Clinics are available upon request.
If you are new to the game or want to introduce your kids to the game of golf, the
Country Club of Maryland offers you a pristine learning environment. All, "Ladies-Only" and Junior Clinics (excluding Junior Camp) are 4-1 ratio, so each student will get the attention they need to improve their game.